FPC Futures Presentations

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Robotics and automation pre farm gate


Future of work in horticultureSimon Pearson
Automation and robotics for strawberry production
Richard Harnden
Berry Gardens
Robotics in protected horticulture
Erik Pekkeriet
Wageningen University & Research
Developing UV treatment against mildew in strawberry and wine grapes
Pål Johan From
Saga Robotics
Funding Opportunities to Support Innovation
Andrew McLay

Robotics and automation – post farm gate

Why the post farm gate industry needs to change
Mike Wilson
How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionising Agriculture
Sarah-Jayne Gratton
The Influencers
Optimising the fresh produce supply chain and reducing wastage through AI technology — A retail case study
Vidyanath Gururajan
Optimising the fresh produce supply chain and reducing wastage through AI technology — A retail case study
James Truscott
Branston Ltd
Packhouse Automation – Learning from the Chilled Food Industry
Matt Rayment
C-Tech Automation (part of the SeaFresh Group)
Avarai™️, Revolutionizing the Packhouse Industry.
Dr Atif Syed

Data driven technologies

Digitising the supply chain: How data can strengthen customer relationships

Georgina Knock
How can the data ecosystem protect people & forests in food supply chains?
James Stewart
Using AI to improve profitability in fresh produce
Mihai Ciobanu
Data and AI are transforming businesses - but where do you get started on this journey?
Jake Moore
Peak AI

The Future of Packaging

Alternative packaging for mushrooms.
Nick Tucker
Fibre-based produce packaging in a circular economy
Luis Apodaca
Graphic Packaging International
Packaging solutions of the future and the ways that Coveris is working to reduce waste:
Eric Duncan

Supply chain waste

Tackling Waste in the Supply Chain
Drew Reynolds
Total Produce
Tackling pre-farm gate waste and driving conscious consumerism.
Emilie Vanpoperinghe
More Data – less Waste
Karen Covey
Unlocking opportunity through measurement
William McManus

UK Research and Innovation: Innovation session

Welcome and session overview
Tom Jenkins
UKRI Transforming Food Production
Introduction to the Transforming Food Production Programme
Tom Jenkins
UKRI Transforming Food Production
TuberScan: combining sensing technologies to increase marketable yield in potatoes
Vidyanath Gururajan
B-Hive & Branston partnership
Indoor farming innovations: improving the efficiency & sustainability of our food systems through CEA
Charlie Guy
Lettus Grow
CoolBerry 2: reducing waste through innovations in cooling and storage
Hayley Jackson
JD Cooling
Forthcoming funding opportunities to support innovation in the fresh produce sector
Tom Jenkins or Andrew McLay
UKRI Transforming Food Production
Support available through the Knowledge Transfer Network
Pedro Carvalho

Carbon supply chains reducing carbon output facilitating carbon capture

Supply Chains - how can they impact carbon emissions reductions?
Duncan Botting
Global Smart
Rewarding growers for doing good
Antony Yousefian
BX Earth
LCA insights into Embodied and Operational Carbon and CO2 Capture by Plants
Prof John Henry Looney
Sustainable Direction Ltd, and University of Lincoln
Assessing your carbon footprint with the farm carbon calculator
Becky Willson
Farm Carbon Toolkit


The Sustainable Way of Growing
Sander van Golberdinge
The Role of Innovation in Growing more Fruit and Veg in the UK Sustainably
Bob Doherty
University of York
UK agri-reshoring and delivering a de-carbonised fresh produce sector
Ed Moorhouse
Oasthouse Ventures
CHAP will overview some of the broader agri-tech sector innovations in CEA that focus on sustainability as well as presenting research updates from their current projects in this area, before looking forwards to what’s next
Harry Langford

Protected Production - Glasshouse and Vertical Farming

Where Vertical Farming & Plant Science Meet
Jim Stevens
Vertical Future
Protected Cropping Technology
Phil Pearson
APS Group
The glasshouse project: a new era of innovation for the UK’s leading producer of ornaments plants, flowers and herbs
Andrew Fuller
Bridge Farm Group/Neamelea
Quality and yield of vertically farmed leafy greens
Erik Runkle
Michigan State University
The challenge for vertical farming to play a full role in UK agriculture by 2040
Nick Bateman
How integration of robotics in next-gen growing systems can be an success
Edwin Vanlaerhoven
Explaining the trials undertaken by the John Innes Centre and the development of varieties for successful vertical farming
Jon Clarke
John Innes Centre

FPC Future

Innovation in agriculture – why it matters, how to spot it, and how to protect it
Mark Callaghan
Growing the Fresh Produce Sector in Greater Lincolnshire
Martin Collison
Greater Lincolnshire LEP
What do fresh produce stakeholders have to gain from digitizing their fresh produce QC?
Elad Mardix
The future of the Fresh Produce Industry
Will Hill
Importing and exporting goods to the EU 3 points to consider
Andrew Thurston
MHA MacIntyre Hudson
Ceres Agritech - a partnership to revolutionise the creation and commercialisation of university plant agri-tech innovation
Louise Sutherland
Ceres Agri-tech
Fruitcast Ltd - Next generation crop forecasting
Raymond Kirk
Fruitcast Ltd
Agaricus Robotics Ltd – robotic mushroom harvesting
Bashir Al-Diri
Agaricus Robotics Ltd
Cellexcel – Novel biomaterials to reduce CO2 emissions
Louise Sutherland
Ceres Agri-tech
Strawberry decision support - using data to fight crop disease
Avice M Hall
University of Hertfordshire