Plant Protection Product (PPP) users: a reminder to register with OCR

Plant Protection Product (PPP) users: a reminder to register with OCR

11 Jan 2023

This is a reminder that businesses and other organisations working with plant protection products (PPPs) in Great Britain are required to register basic information about their activity with Defra under The Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020.

Details of these regulations and who needs to register are available here. For further detail on the policy, please see Defra's policy statement.

Defra is collecting information from businesses in Scotland and Wales on behalf of Scottish and Welsh Governments. Businesses in Northern Ireland should not register with Defra as Northern Ireland has created its own regulations.

Who must register?

Users of PPPs

Businesses and other organisations that use PPPs professionally in Great Britain, or have them applied by a third party, are legally required to register with Defra. The registration deadline for existing users was 22 June 2022, however it is still possible to register as a professional user of PPPs. If you started using PPPs professionally more than 3 months ago, you should have registered already and must do so as soon as possible. New users should register within 3 months of starting business. If you have already registered, you do not need to take any further action.

The form is available on GOV.UK. There is detailed guidance on who should register and how they can do this. We have also developed video guidance to help you fill in the form and send it to Defra.


Businesses that import, manufacture, process, distribute or sell professional plant protection products in Great Britain should also have registered using a separate form found on GOV.UK.