The government unveils “Energy Bills Discount Scheme” for businesses

The government unveils “Energy Bills Discount Scheme” for businesses

12 Jan 2023

A new energy scheme for businesses, charities, and the public sector was confirmed yesterday (9th January), ahead of the current scheme ending in March. The new scheme will mean all eligible UK businesses and other non-domestic energy users will receive a discount on high energy bills until 31 March 2024. This will help businesses locked into contracts signed before recent substantial falls in the wholesale price manage their costs and provide others with reassurance against the risk of prices rising again.

Guidance for the Energy Bills Discount Scheme includes:

  • Eligibility for Energy Bills Discount Scheme
  • The amount your bills will be reduced
  • How it works
  • EBRS legislation, rules and guidance

The Energy Bills Discount Scheme factsheet includes:

  • What is the Energy Bill Relief Scheme?
  • How does this scheme differ?
  • What about energy and trade intensive businesses?
  • Case studies
  • Further facts and background

The Government recognises that those in energy and trade intensive industries (ETIIs) are less able to pass higher costs through to their customers, due to international competition. Therefore, a higher level of support will be provided to businesses in sectors identified as being the most energy and trade intensive – a long-standing category primarily including manufacturing businesses. For a full list of sectors in scope, please click here.