Leading herb and ingredient supplier gets a ‘fresh’ new look whilst expanding product line

Leading herb and ingredient supplier gets a ‘fresh’ new look whilst expanding product line

29 Jul 2020

Fresh herbs and ingredients supplier, R&G FRESH (previously known as R&G Herbs), has undertaken a major rebrand to reflect the company’s evolution. Echoing its long-standing position within the market, the new brand encapsulates a strong, authoritative look, consistent with the company’s values and ethos.

Founded in 1958 by Richard and Gloria Stevens, R&G Herbs started out in their back garden, where they grew herbs and sold them from a stall in Covent Garden.

Since then, the business has grown from strength to strength. Today, R&G FRESH is led by their grandson, Mathew Prestwich. It supplies premium and flavoursome herbs and ingredients to retailers, wholesalers, chefs and cooks across the country.

Managing Director, Mat Prestwich, said: “Our extensive research and development has brought on many advancements and opportunities for innovation. We understand our role within the industry and have made a commitment to produce minimal wastage and increase shelf-life alongside many other environmental initiatives.

“At the forefront we are passionate about farm-fresh, ethically-sourced produce being handled with love and care – it is what drives us.“

The first incentive for rebranding was that the company had expanded its product offering, now selling more than just herbs. For this reason, it needed an umbrella brand that would encompass both fresh herbs and their other ingredients.

As a family-run business with a deep-rooted heritage and an established reputation, the decision to rebrand was not made lightly. Mat explained: “Our branding needed to display our forward-thinking and passion for ethically-sourced fresh produce, whilst also paying homage to three generations of family-run history.

“Whilst the old branding had served us well, we felt it was time to evolve, demonstrating the journey we continue to make as a business.

Finally, the branding exercise has culminated into a new website and online marketing presence.

The bold colours, vibrant imagery and strong typography communicate the company’s passion for fresh-cut produce and confidence in their expertise in the marketplace. It not only gives an insight into the company, its heritage and quality produce, but also provides inspiration for those looking to cook with fresh ingredients.

With its new appearance, R&G FRESH feel its brand has been elevated to match its market-leading product and service offering, for which it is renowned.