Updated Tariff Quotas and Authorised Uses

The Tariff Quotas document publishes the product specific tariff-rate quotas, including the individual product volumes and rates.

The purpose of the Statutory Instrument is to establish tariff-rate quotas (TRQs) for certain goods imported into the UK and to establish a regime for managing most of these TRQs using a first-come first-served allocation system. This regulation gives effect to the quotas listed in this document.

This document can be accessed here: Tariff Quotas Reference Document v3 3 FINAL 1

The authorised use document lists the uses to which goods declared to an authorised use procedure can be subject to.

This document can be accessed here: Authorised Use Eligible Goods and Authorised Uses Accessible Version V2 7 1

Fruit and Vegetables can be found on page 11

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