UK Energy Trends Dec 2023

Total energy production for the third quarter of 2023 was down 8 per cent on the same period last year. Oil production dropped 10 per cent to a new record quarterly low, and gas production fell by 13 per cent. Energy production from renewable assets increased with wind, solar and hydro output up by 17 per cent.

Renewable electricity generation grew 7 per cent on the same period last year due to increases in capacity (up 5 per cent) and more favourable weather conditions. As a share of total generation, renewable generation increased to 44.5 per cent, outpacing fossil fuel’s share for the fourth consecutive quarter.

Fossil fuel electricity generation decreased, down 31 per cent largely tonear a new record low because of stronger renewable generation and higher net imports from France. These imports contrast with last year where the UK was a net exporter of electricity. The fossil fuel share of generation decreased nearly 10 percentage points to 37.0 per cent

Energy Trends December 2023 (