UN Food Systems Summit

UN Food Systems Summit

30 Jul 2021

The first ever Food Systems Summit called by the UN Secretary-General takes place in September this year, encouraging a dialogue between everyone engaged in food systems.

Ahead of the UN Food Systems Summit the Government of Italy hosted a Pre-Summit in Rome from 26–28 July 2021.

The goals of the Food Systems Summit are to:

1. Generate significant action and measurable progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Summit will succeed in identifying solutions and leaders, as well as issuing a call for action at all levels of the food system, including national and local governments, companies and citizens.

2. Raise awareness and elevate public discussion about how reforming our food systems can help us all to achieve the SDGs by implementing reforms that are good for people and planet.

3. Develop principles to guide governments and other stakeholders looking to leverage their food systems to support the SDGs. These principles will set an optimistic and encouraging vision in which food systems play a central role in building a fairer, more sustainable world. Principles of engagement

4. Create a system of follow-up and review to ensure that the Summit’s outcomes continue to drive new actions and progress. This system will allow for the sharing of experiences, lessons and knowledge; it will also measure and analyse the Summit’s impact.

There is more information regarding the UN Food Systems Summit Visions and Principles here: https://www.un.org/en/food-systems-summit/vision-principles

Business Declaration on Food Systems Transformation

FPC is encouraging members to consider signing up to the business declaration to commit to help lead the food system transformation by implementing actions:

  • Scale science based solutions that focus on transition towards sustainable food and agriculture business models
  • Provide investments in research and innovation
  • Contribute to improve livelihoods and wellbeing
  • Incentivise consumers as agents of change
  • Create transparency
  • Ensure the transformation includes a just transition for people everywhere.

Business has a leading role to play and recognises the urgent need to transform the food system to avoid severe environmental and human risks for all people, our planet and business.

Business also recognises that food systems are local and people-centred, and the transformation can only be achieved by collaboration with stakeholders, respecting the rights and dignities of all people and strengthening the resilience of food systems that work for people and the planet. With that in mind, a business declaration has been prepared, which outlines a commitment to action from businesses, as well as a call for leadership from governments.