Ongoing GVMS Issues and Support

Ongoing GVMS Issues and Support

1 Apr 2022

HMRC are aware there are some system issues and their technical team are working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

The service availability page for GVMS has advice for hauliers to follow:

That if they do not have a goods movement reference, they can now proceed with alternative documentation, for example one of the following:

  • transit accompanying document (TAD)
  • movement reference number
  • entry reference number
  • declaration unique consignment reference (DUCR)

Postal Operators moving goods between Great Britain and the EU will not be able to provide movement reference numbers so alternative documentation can be accepted. Any confirmation that the consignments qualify for the waiver that applies to parcels moving from Great Britain into Northern Ireland can also be accepted.

Businesses can access support with any system-related problems via our CIT helpline: