NCTS5 - Delayed start 01 July 2024

NCTS5 - Delayed start 01 July 2024

12 Oct 2023

The Common Transit Convention (CTC) authority have announced that there will be an extended transition period for the move to New Computerised Transit System Phase 5 (NCTS5) after a number of other countries confirmed they require more time. HMRC have subsequently received a number of formal submissions from industry requesting the UK makes use of this extension.

What happens now

You should continue to use the current NCTS system until the transfer to NCTS5 on 1 July 2024.

The HMRC Trader Test environment remains open and will be switched into Transitional mode on 11 October 2023, as planned. Those who are building software should continue with development and testing to align with the revised implementation date.

More details can be found: October 2023 — NCTS Phase 5: Change of implementation date - GOV.UK (