Industry celebrates individual commitment by global logistics hero Ryan Parr

Industry celebrates individual commitment by global logistics hero Ryan Parr

26 Nov 2021

Congratulations to Ryan Parr of PML for winning the Hero Award - Individual sponsored by CHEP at the FPC Fresh Awards 2021.

This special award recognises and celebrates the individual who made a significant impact and demonstrated relentless dedication in the challenging circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The judges commented: "Ryan showed considerable capability and maturity to support his team and its customers throughout this challenging period. His commitment was unbounding: he even lived and worked permanently on site for almost three months to ensure the business delivered at all costs."

Ryan Parr joined PML in June 2013 at the age of 18 and over eight years he had already packed in a considerable number of achievements, working across many areas of the company to gain a strong understanding of the global logistics sector.

Ryan’s enthusiasm and hunger to learn are exemplary. During his tenure with PML, Ryan has evolved from a young school leaver to a highly competent manager who was recently been promoted to the role of Operations Director at the tender age of 25, making him the youngest Director in the company’s 18-year history.

As Operations Director, Ryan is responsible for all of PML’s extensive operations as an import/export logistics business specialising in the transfer of temperature sensitive freight by air, road and sea. Due to the considerable scale of the company, Ryan has 12 managers reporting directly into him, a role which few 25-year-olds would be capable of taking on. Not only has Ryan risen to the challenge, but he has also excelled in his new position, taking such a significant promotion completely in his stride.