HSE Adoption of Codex MRL's

HSE Adoption of Codex MRL's

9 Jun 2022

HSE has reviewed a total of 48 active substances as well as two additional active substances used on spices to determine the Codex MRL’s (CXL) that could be adopted as GB MRLs.

The competent authority concluded that CXLs for afidopyropen, azoxystrobin, benzovindiflupyr, boscalid, cypermethrin, cyprodinil, flupyradiflurone (and difluoroacetic acid (DFA)), fluxapyroxad, fosetyl-Al, glyphosate, isofetamid, mandestrobin, penthiopyrad, pyraclostrobin, spirotetramat, tolfenpyrad, valifenalate and MRLs for spices (acetamiprid and carbendazim) will not result in consumer exposures exceeding the toxicological reference values and therefore are unlikely to have harmful effects on human health.

The MRLs shall enter into force and appear in the GB MRL Statutory Register on 14 June 2022.

A link to the full report is available here: M:\PESTICIDES\Codex Adoption document june 22.pdf