BBSRC Funding Opportunities for Agri /Horti Businesses

BBSRC Funding Opportunities for Agri /Horti Businesses

8 Jun 2022

Partnerships for crop pests and diseases in agriculture and horticulture

BBSRC is investing £2M to enable research and innovation for new controls, strategies and approaches to manage crop pest and diseases of interest to farmers and growers in the UK. We aim to support up to forty new projects to initiate partnerships between academia and businesses in the agricultural and horticultural sectors.

UK crop production faces increasing pressure from crop pests and diseases, due to a combination of current and new threats, emerging pesticide resistance, and regulatory pressure on the availability of plant protection products. Furthermore, farmers, growers and the wider supporting sector, are experiencing multiple pressures that challenge resilience to further production shocks, such as pest and disease outbreaks. UK community strategies and roadmaps advise that the development of new solutions is also a long-term priority for moving to a more sustainable agri-food system.

Applications are invited to explore research questions and innovation needs directly relating to significant crop pests and diseases, which have been identified by farmers and growers through independent consultations with AHDB. The funds will improve the UK’s capability to manage current and emerging threats, while supporting the resilience of the sector, and continued progress to more sustainable production. Projects are expected to typically be £50k and 3-6 months in duration, with support from industry partners.

Apply online before 3 August 2022: (Filter by Funding Council for ‘BBSRC’)

Register for webinar on 21 June and 23 June


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