GB MRL amendments (adopted February 2024)

GB MRL amendments (adopted February 2024)

3 May 2024

There have been recent amendments to the GB maximum residue level (MRL) Statutory Register, setting new statutory levels.

In order to meet the requirements of international trade, new MRLs have been set in the GB MRL Statutory Register for the following active/commodity combinations:

  • Imazethapyr/ lentils and soyabeans
  • Potassium phosphonates/ garlic, shallots, lamb’s lettuce/corn salads, escaroles/broad-leaved endives, cresses and other sprouts and shoots, land cresses, roman rocket/rucola, red mustards, baby leaf, spinach, purslane, chard/beet leaves, herbs and edible flowers, beans without pods

The new MRLs for imazethapyr came into force on 2 February 2024; the new MRLs for potassium phosphonates came into force on 8 February 2024, as indicated in the GB MRL Statutory Register.

The evaluation reports, reasoned opinions and decision documents supporting the new MRLs are available on the HSE website.