FSA Publish 3 Year Plan

FSA Publish 3 Year Plan

11 Jul 2023

In 2022, the FSA published our 5-year strategy for the FSA. Today they have launched the three-year corporate plan outlining how they will turn the ambitions of their strategy into concrete actions.

In the next 3 years they want to:

  • maintain the current high levels of trust and confidence in the food system and FSA
  • maintain food standards, so that food is safe and what it says it is, and consumers can continue to have confidence in their food
  • grow their contribution to and influence on food that is healthier and more sustainable, building on the work we have started since we published our strategy

The plan also details 9 objectives.

Evidence generator (core): Ensure that decisions are based on science and evidence and share this evidence to inform and influence others (consumers, businesses and policy makers).

Evidence generator (change): Build evidence, including through science and research, so they can anticipate opportunities and risks across the UK food system.

Policy maker (core): Make robust recommendations and support decision makers to take informed decisions on rules relating to food and feed, based on evidence and independent assessment.

Policy maker (change): Create a proportionate, effective, efficient and future focused approach to regulation through the risk analysis process and regulated products service, that protects consumers and removes barriers to innovation.

Regulator (core): Deliver regulatory responsibilities to ensure food and feed businesses comply with the rules so that food is safe and what it says it is.

Regulator (change): Reform the food safety regulatory framework to deliver more proportionate and risk-based assurance, now and in the future.

Watchdog: Speak out publicly about areas of consumer interest to encourage high food standards in the UK.

Convenor and collaborator: Work in partnerships across the food system to develop and deliver better solutions for consumers and businesses.

Enabler: Provide the people, resources and processes needed to deliver our corporate objectives and priorities.