Fresh Produce Food Safety tools - give your feedback to Food Standards Scotland

Fresh Produce Food Safety tools - give your feedback to Food Standards Scotland

23 Nov 2023

The fresh produce/smoked fish tools are designed to support food businesses, we want to make sure the tools are achieving that, and your views are critical. This short survey will ask some questions about your business and your experiences when using the tools.

The survey is live until the 29th November 2023 and can be accessed here: Use the smoked fish or fresh produce tools? Help us make them better - Food Standards Scotland - Citizen Space

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has updated and maintained two online tools, using the most recent scientific evidence and legal regulations, to provide information on the safe production of smoked fish and fresh produce. The aim of the tools is to help relevant food business operators assess their specific working environments and provide clear and objective advice to reduce the risk of microbiological contamination of their product.

It's now important to understand how food businesses use these tools and if they are achieving their desired aim, to make sure they're fit for purpose.

FSS are asking you to take part in this survey as a food outlet who may have used the tools. Your experiences of the tools and how you use them will inform our decision making, and ensure any changes made to the tools and the development of future tools will support business compliance. Please feel free to forward the survey on to your relevant stakeholders.

They are collecting this information to inform our internal decision making and this research is considered a task carried out in the public interest. Any data will be collected, stored and used in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it will not be passed on to any third parties. The information will be collected anonymously and should not identify you or the food outlet, you can remain fully confidential, and can withdraw your consent to participate at any time