Customs Declaration Service: Get ready for the removal of document code ‘999L’ for imports

Customs Declaration Service: Get ready for the removal of document code ‘999L’ for imports

24 Oct 2023

HMRC have extended the use of waiver document code ‘999L’ on import declarations until 31 January 2024. After this date, the code will be permanently removed.

This waiver document code is used for ex-heading goods, which are goods that may not have documentary or licensing requirements.

What you should use instead

Ahead of 31 January 2024, we have published the following 10 national waiver document codes to the UK Tariff. These should be used instead of 999L when submitting your import declarations.

Document code Description of measure where code applies

912Y Animal Health Certificate

9043 Health and Safety Executive

920Y HMI Conformity Certificate (fruit and veg) issued in UK

991Y Quarantine Release certificate

992Y Quarantine Release certificate

993Y Quarantine Release certificate

994Y Quarantine Release certificate

These national waiver codes are in addition to the EU waiver documents codes that should be used for other import measures. They are available within the Trade Tariff on GOV.UK.

You should start using these codes straightaway. If you use the 999L waiver document code for imports after 31 January 2024, your declaration will not be accepted. This means your goods being delayed at the border.

Pre-lodged import declarations made before 31 January 2024 that arrive after this date will be rejected unless the correct waiver document code has been supplied in place of 999L.

If you make import declarations on behalf of others, please make your customers aware of these changes. This will make sure they continue to provide you with the information needed for their declarations.