Plant Health Exporting Service (PHES) is replacing PEACH and eDomero

The Plant Health Export Service (PHES) is replacing PEACH and eDomero. Those who export plants and produce are already using PHES and we are migrating over the final commodities so that all exporters of plants and plant products can submit export applications through PHES. The new service is faster, more efficient and provides a modern and user-friendly interface for traders to submit export applications.

When do the final commodities need to move over to PHES?

HMI – export applications for products subject to marketing standard regulations:

  • If your products are subject to marketing standards regulations, from today you will no longer be able to submit HMI export applications through PEACH, therefore you need to register now for PHES to continue making applications.
  • Guidance material on how to register and create notifications is available on the Plant Health Portal.

Please contact the APHA service desk for help to register or speak to your Horticultural Marketing Inspector if you have further questions.


  • If you’re an exporter of seeds, you can move over to PHES and complete your export applications there.

Potato and Bulbs:

  • If you’re an exporter of potatoes and bulbs, you can register for PHES now, but cannot make export applications there yet, so continue doing this on your current IT system.

If you have any questions, contact:

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