Helping our members to navigate the world of temporary accommodation, setting out what is legally required and what makes good practice.

This guidance is intended to cover England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and may be used by businesses which hold a 2024 FPC membership for the purpose of their business activities in connection with the supply of fresh produce.

For those businesses which do not hold a 2024 FPC membership, but still wish to use this guidance for the above purpose, membership may be applied for by contacting Kelly Shields, kshields@freshproduce.org.uk. Alternatively, a fee-paying licence for such use is available for the year 2024 and may be requested by contacting Kelly Shields, kshields@freshproduce.org.uk

Any unauthorised use and reproduction of this guidance or a substantial part of it shall constitute an infringement of copyright under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, in respect of which FPC may take legal action.

NB: This guidance is not intended to be interpreted as being an industry standard for temporary accommodation units and we welcome comments for FPC members and other organisations on developing this guidance further on behalf of the industry. Our intention is that this guidance should set out what is legally required, what makes god practice and identify aspects where the industry can work together to improve conditions for temporary workers.