Check what you need to consider before getting someone to deal with customs for you

If you decide to contract a company to manage customs for you, you will need to find what you or your business may need before you hire someone to act directly or indirectly on your behalf.

You can hire a person or business to deal with customs for you. What they can do for you and who will be liable depends on:

  • the services they provide
  • what you want them to do
  • the commercial agreement you have with them

Before you get someone to deal with customs for you, you should check what you need to consider.

Who you can hire

There are different types of people or businesses who can help you, such as:

  • freight forwarders
  • customs agents or brokers
  • fast parcel operators

They’ll need to be established in the UK for customs.

Get someone to deal with customs for you - GOV.UK (

Find a list of customs agents and fast parcel operators.

Agree the terms and conditions

You’ll need to confirm in writing the terms and conditions of your representation and keep a copy of this agreement for your own records.

They cannot act on your behalf without written instructions from you. The instruction must show whether they’re acting for you directly or indirectly. HMRC will only ask for evidence of the authorisation if we need it.

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