Windsor Framework Questionnaire - complete now to register your views

Windsor Framework Questionnaire - complete now to register your views

21 Jul 2023

Following the agreement of the Windsor Framework, the UK Government has been designing initiatives to facilitate continuity of trade from Great Britain to Northern Ireland, including developing an internal market scheme for goods staying in NI (the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme) and continuing improvements to digital processes for complying with EU Official Control Regulations.

For businesses using the Northern Ireland Retail Movement Scheme, there are phased labelling requirements businesses will need to comply with. The UK Government will provide financial support to help businesses with the new labelling requirements in phase 1. Funding will cover a range of activities that could help your business meet the labelling requirements. The funding will not cover the labelling changes for Phases 2 (October 2024) and 3 (July 2025) nor GB optional labelling costs in Phase 1.

In completing this questionnaire, you are providing essential information that helps Defra, other government departments, and their Ministers make informed decisions on trade between GB and NI. Information collected will be used to improve service delivery and to tailor the financial support the UK Government plans to provide for mandatory Phase 1 labelling requirements. Responses will be used for the grant design and decision-making only and will not be directly linked to any funding you may receive.

Access the questionnaire: Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

This questionnaire should be completed by any agri-food business across the supply chain that is involved with the movement of goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. To complete this form, you will need information about current trade to Northern Ireland, and the impact of labelling on your business; please use the Windsor Framework Labelling guidance on GOV.UK to assess this.