NCTS Phase 5 - Migration Update

NCTS Phase 5 - Migration Update

26 Jun 2023


The UK will be moving to NCTS Phase 5 (NCTS5) on 16 November 2023. You can see all of the previous NCTS Phase 5 updates on GOV.UK.

Common Transit Convention member country delays

HMRC are now aware that some members of the Common Transit Convention will not have NCTS5 up and running for November 2023.

To ensure goods can continue moving into and out of these countries, the NCTS translation service between NCTS4 and NCTS5 will stay live, to continue to translate messages as it does now.

What this means for the UK

The UK will still be moving to NCTS5 on 16 November 2023. This means that all new transit declarations for movements on or after 16 November, must be submitted into NCTS5.

To allow more time for UK transit users to prepare for some of the changes coming with NCTS5, the following NCTS5 functions will now be implemented at a later date.

Commodity codes

You can still enter a commodity code into NCTS5 on a voluntary basis, however it will not be compulsory yet. HMRC will let you know in advance when this is due to change.

Electronic presentation of movement reference number (MRN)

Until NCTS5 is used by all Common Transit Convention member countries, there will still be a requirement to carry the paper Transit Accompanying Document (TAD) with your goods. HMRC will let you know when you can opt to present the MRN electronically rather than carry a paper TAD.

For the source link: June 2023 — NCTS Phase 5: Update on migration - GOV.UK (