Managing Pesticides in Fresh Produce

Managing Pesticides in Fresh Produce

7 Jan 2020

PSI-Advantage is running a series of one day courses through 2020 on managing pesticides in fresh produce.

The courses will run on: 5 March, 4 June, 3 September, 29 October 2020.

Managing Pesticide Residues in Fresh Produce training is aimed at Technical Managers who have daily contact with retailers in the UK. The course will be highly participative and will use practical examples to enable learning to be easily applied to real business situations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the different types of pesticides, how they work and methods of application
  • Understand EU pesticide legislation, how its implementation affects us now and what is expected in the future
  • Ability to take representative samples for residue testing and interpret results
  • Evaluate laboratories to select the most appropriate and understand how the analysis is conducted
  • Analyse data to develop a residue testing plan and risk-assess suppliers

NEW- now with tour of a pesticide residue laboratory included as part of the day- NEW

For more information and to register see PSI’s website or contact