EFSA EU Plant Health Newsletter - June 2022

EFSA EU Plant Health Newsletter - June 2022

11 Jul 2022

EFSA provides a Horizon Scanning Newsletter summarising the monthly results of the horizon scanning activity for threats in the field of plant health. The aim is to identify in a timely manner relevant information on plant pests that might be of concern to the EU and therefore may require consideration by risk assessors and risk managers.

1. Regulated pests listed in Annexes IIA and IIB of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/20723 and later amendments, in other EU plant health legal acts or present in the EPPO Alert, A1 and A2 lists.

2. Pests not regulated in the EU neither part of EPPO lists.

3. Newly identified taxa: as soon as included in a newsletter, they are also added to the list of monitored pests

The document can be accessed here: EFSA Supporting Publications 2022 Plant Health Newsletter on Horizon Scanning June 2022