Calling London Based Wholesale / Retail / Food Service Businesses

Calling London Based Wholesale / Retail / Food Service Businesses

25 Aug 2023

There is a Joint Kerbside Working Group looking at Freight Industry Kerbside Access Issues and to this end there is a CALL FOR EVIDENCE.

CILT and CLFQP are seeking information from operators serving customers in London. Every day operators are breaking the law to serve London customers. We want to know the nature of the competition for the road space you need to do your job, as well as the Regulation which is impeding economic and cost effective / profitable operation. This anonymised data and deeper analysis will then be used to inform Transport for London, the City of London and London Boroughs and seek to make positive changes to improve the Kerbside environment and its use.

Some areas and issues of concern identified so far.

  • Lack of land use planning and resultant kerbside needs, to take account of freight in all modes.
  • Lack of knowledge, policy consideration or impact assessment as to how businesses are serviced.
  • Lack of recognition of Health and Safety implications for drivers and other distribution operatives
  • Available space or lack of space Street furniture and LTNs Alfresco Dining
  • Cycle lane intrusion and design Street management design Loading Bay timing
  • Competition between delivery vehicles, other service vehicles, buses and taxis and private cars

This is your opportunity to make your voice known, to answer that Call and help your business provide safe, efficient, and cost-effective delivery for business and residents.


Category targets: Foodservice, Wholesalers, Retail, Convenience and Symbol group Retail, Hospitality Services, Parcels and Home Delivery, Beer, Wines and Spirits Meat, Fish and Vegetable suppliers, 3PL Service Suppliers Food

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