Updated Windsor Framework Guidance documents

Updated Windsor Framework Guidance documents

2 Mar 2023

Members should be aware that following the publication of the Windsor Agreement this week, there have been a number of guidance documents issued.

The proposals are up for feedback at the moment but legislation has been agreed between GB and EU and published. Secondary legislation may well be required by GB but this is in place at the moment Draft_Decision_of_the_Withdrawal_Agreement_Joint_Committee_on_laying_down_arrangements_relating_to_the_Windsor_Framework.pdf (publishing.service.gov.uk)

It is proposed that any changes to the agrifood sector will be implemented from October 2023 and any Customs Arrangements will be implemented from October 2024.

The majority of the arrangements at the moment appear to be centred around GB – NI trade (rather than EU / ROI) and simplication of the current process. There are three main strands that are part of the simplification process:

  1. A replacement of the STAMNI scheme which allowed easements for checks and documentation for UK retailers sending products into NI. This has been replaced by a wide scheme that allows easements to wholesalers, caterers and hospitality. This in effect is the Green Lane that they refer to throughout. We have sent out the following to our wholesale members as there is a meeting tomorrow specifically to discuss this and we required their initial thoughts: Trader Feedback Required (mailchi.mp)
  2. Removal of restrictions on plants for planting, seeds and seed potatoes moving between GB and NI. In addition, the requirements for phytos will be replaced by the creation and application of a ‘plant label’.
  3. Moving of pets between NI/GB will be simplified.

Please find a round up here:

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