Press Release - Robotics and Automation - pre-farm gate conference at FPC Future shaping up

FPC Future announces its speakers at one of the 8 free to attend conference sessions on 4 November.

Safeguarding the future of growers around the UK means embracing a new era of innovation in pre-farm gate technology. Covid-19 is seeing previously unforeseen changes in the industry and these have brought many challenges and opportunities. Opportunities which can be built upon.

FPC Future, an exhibition and conference organised by the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC) in association with Lincolnshire Institute of Agri-Food Technology (LIAT), is dedicating one of its conference session to robotics and automation pre-farm gate. This session will explore the potential of a new generation of smart, interconnected robotic and autonomous systems that work seamlessly alongside their human co-workers.

Attendees will see how it’s all about maximising the potential of existing systems by evolving them into self-organising solutions that will support the sustainable intensification of agriculture, drive manufacturing productivity and underpin future food security.

Speakers include John Giles from Promar, Richard Harnden from Berry Gardens and Antony Yousefian, Bardsley England. The line-up of expert speakers also has speaking leading academics Simon Pearson, Professor of Agri-Food Technology, UoL and Erik Pekkeriet from Wageningen. They will be joined by Pål Johan From, CEO at Saga Robotics.

They will be showing attendees

  • How the latest technology can improve crop planning and soil preparation
  • How robotic applications can minimise waste by augmenting worker productivity
  • How to maximise your return on agritech investment
  • How technology can tackle key issues of farm safety
  • Steps to getting started and finding out more

The other conference streams range from robotics and automation (post-farm gate) to data driven technologies, from sustainability to protected cropping and from supply chain waste to carbon supply chains. There will also be working displays and tours of the University of Lincoln’s Riseholme Campus facilities. The event website,, holds all the details of the features. You can also register for your free place there.

Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are available and anyone interested in hearing more about these should contact


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