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Aja weight software solution to meet increasing line speeds

17 March 2017

New Aja C80 ‘High Speed’ Pre-Seal – Pre-Punneted Produce Average ‘e’ Weight Checkweigher and Re-Work weigh station

Increasingly produce packers are looking to increase line speeds upwards to 140ppm while at the same time significantly reducing manning levels. Weighing and adjusting every single pre-filled punnet whether direct from the field or pre-packed by overseas suppliers is simply no longer viable. With ever increasing minimum wage costs packers need to automate and increase productivity to maintain profitability while at the same time maintaining overfill control with Average ‘e’ or Nett Minimum weight software solutions

Aja’s high speed pre-seal checkweigher and re work station can meet these demands. Weighing automatically to Average ‘e’ or Nett Minimum Weight legislation, pre-filled punnets are loaded onto the high-speed line which feeds directly into the Aja C80 checkweighing system. Many punnets will be within spec and will go straight through the system to the top sealer. While any under or over weight packs outside of the Average ’e’ Weight range or Nett Minimum tolerances are diverted at speed across the Aja Slide Carrier Platen Rejector to the return re work conveyor where only 1 or 2 operators off load the packs. They adjust and correct using Aja high speed DP under/over traffic light scales which are linked into the C80 checkweigher Average Weight software guaranteeing the legal average and minimum or zero overfill is maintained. The corrected punnets are then placed back into the line.

Aja’s flexible approach to design and build means that each C80 pre-seal checkweighing solution is customised to exactly meet the demands of each application, incorporating an innovative approach to any specific handling issues relating to different fruits, salads and vegetables

The excellent touchscreen PC operator interface, running Windows 10 ensures user familiarity with easy connectivity via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to remote office based PCs or Servers enabling archiving and a total overview of compliance and management data. Data can also be downloaded locally at the C80 via a USB key. For multiple line packhouses using many C80 checkweighers Aja’s ALTOS networking - management control software puts the data and line set up in one place saving operators and QA time and errors.

Robust design and construction, IP66, stainless steel with a unique IP69 open load cell ensures the C80 can operate in the toughest and most hostile of environments over very many years trouble free.

Automation to reduce labour is the way forward for any modern packhouse, with a positive ROI the Aja C80 solution is being increasingly adopted by many as the preferred solution.

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