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GLAA receives strong backing in gangmaster survey

3 July 2017

Labour providers operating in the UK provided a ‘ringing endorsement’ for the work of the GLAA with 96% of those questioned in a recent survey stating they are in favour of the industry regulator.

In another category, 86% of respondents said they believed the organisation was doing a good job.

The views were gathered in an independent biennial survey conducted by the responsible recruitment trade body the Association of Labour Providers (ALP).

In all, the ALP gathered 226 survey responses and the views expressed have been warmly welcomed by GLAA Chief Executive Paul Broadbent.

“These results are extremely positive and serve as such a ringing endorsement for our past and ongoing efforts to protect vulnerable and exploited workers,” he said.

“I am exceptionally proud that 80% said they thought we have reduced fraud and illegal activity while 88% said GLAA licensing had improved conditions for workers.

“But what is most reassuring is that every result recorded showed an improvement compared with those returned from the last ALP survey in 2015.”

Mr Broadbent added that this was recognition that the organisation was moving in the right direction.

He added: “The survey shows the hard work we have put in has been noted and that the people operating at the very heart of the industry we serve not only hold the role we perform in high regard but also appreciate the way we perform it.”

Other results showed that two thirds (69%) of gangmasters surveyed believed the GLAA had ‘created a more level playing field for competition’, while 85% agreed that the service received in their last contact with the organisation was ‘professional’.

ALP Chief Executive David Camp said: “This survey reinforces that responsible businesses support proportionate regulation and shows that the GLAA has been getting this about right. The GLAA now has wider powers to investigate labour abuses in all sectors and in all employers and the ongoing support and partnership with business is crucial in protecting vulnerable workers from exploitation.”


Headline statistics – (2015 results in brackets)

Numbers who:

  • are in favour of gangmaster licensing – 96% (93%)
  • think the GLAA is doing a good job – 86% (73%)
  • believe the GLAA has created a more level playing field for competition – 69% (67%)
  • believe the GLAA has reduced fraud/illegal activity – 80% (79%)
  • think the GLAA has improved conditions for workers – 88% (79%)
  • agree that the service from the GLAA is professional – 84% (77%).

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