Coronavirus (COVID-19) – update 16

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – update 16

8 Apr 2020

Please find below details of updated guidance including: social distancing in the workplace; new requirements for an international travel certificate in France; reminder of business support available; HMRC customs; Environment Agency advice; Home Office advice on modern slavery.

Guidance on social distancing in the workplace

The UK Government has published revised guidance for businesses on social distancing in the workplace. The guidance includes some sector specific advice covering:

  1. Overview
  2. Shops running a pick-up or delivery service
  3. Tradespeople and working in people’s homes
  4. Construction
  5. Manufacturing and processing businesses
  6. Retail
  7. Logistics businesses
  8. Outdoor businesses (includes markets)
  9. Farming: visiting farms for animal health and welfare
  10. Fishing or other short-term offshore work
  11. Cargo-shipping or other long-term offshore work
  12. Transport businesses
  13. Waste management businesses

You can click on each sector above to access the advice and you can find the full guidance CLICK here.

Please note that there are differences across the devolved countries.

For advice for business in other nations of the UK please see guidance set by the: Northern Ireland Executive, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government.

These are not intended to be comprehensive or to represent every business’s situation, but are illustrative examples.

International Travel Certificate to mainland France

From 6 April a new requirement came into effect which requires an international travel declaration CLICK HERE to be presented by a traveller when entering or transiting through French territory.

It must be presented together with supporting documents to prove the status claimed to transport companies and border control authorities at any type of border to confirm the trip meets the criteria for essential travel. This includes goods carriers and cross border workers carrying freight amongst others.

For advice from the Paris Embassy and a copy of the form CLICK here.

Business support

BEIS as established a home page on for all coronavirus business support. This includes links to the financial support which is available to businesses.

HMRC custom processes

HMRC has advised that it will be publishing guidance in the next couple of days on further temporary easements to support businesses with customs processes affected by Covid-19. The guidance will set out easements relating to transit and export processes, and the steps businesses need to take to use them.

Waste management

The Environment Agency has published regulatory position statements – CLICK - for waste management and the water industry in response to coronavirus. This includes exceeding waste storage limits at permitted sites.

Modern slavery

The Home Office has published information CLICK on support for victims of modern slavery during coronavirus.

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