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Jacqui Green, Director, Viridis Associates

Jacqui has been involved in fresh food since she graduated in 1995. She studied Law, French and Spanish and found that, unexpectedly, languages and fresh produce seemed like a fit.

Jacqui has spoken previously on sustainable futures, talent development, responding to consumer preference, and supply chain efficiency. She is passionate about personal development and, as well as her Consulting and Non-Executive roles, she works as a Mentor and is a qualified Transformational Coach. She has also held many positions on Trade Boards, Retailer committees, a Charity Board and worked with Government working groups.

In 2019, she left Berry Gardens, a UK cooperative of soft and stone fruit growers where she was CEO. Before this she was General Manager of Wingland Foods (Bakkavor) - a prepared salads business, prior to that Commercial Director at Capespan and in the early 2000’s General Manager of IPL, a joint venture between Geest and Asda (Walmart).

Jacqui lives in the South East of England with her husband and two teenage sons. When time allows, she runs and has completed a number of half marathons for charity.

George Beech

1n 2008 George set up a retail business with two former Marks and Spencer Food Buyers in London. Although initially successful that concept was probably ahead of its time, so George cut his ties and returned to the family farm with the aim of developing the wholesale side of the family business. From humble beginnings of George driving a van of produce daily to many prestigious London restaurants, George saw that this could grow to something much bigger and over the past 10 years has developed the Mudwalls Farm brand and business to its current position, turning over close to £5m and growing both as a local supplier to small business, a key supplier and logistics provider to the Mid Counties Coop, a key supplier to Aldi and also a growing export business of British Produce to the Far East.

Tony Ganio

Tony founded Back To Roots an is currently Managing Director at Back to Roots where he organises and manages procurement from Spain and Morocco for a fresh produce importing client. He also advises a UK soft fruit grower on general management and investment. Tony has extensive experience in presenting and highlighting UK opportunities to exporters from Europe.

He was Commercial Director for Total Produce where he spent time managing retail grape and stone fruit as well as other no- retail desks. He then went on to manage the 4 non-retail divisions in the UK, as well as offices in Holland and Spain- sales in excess of £40 million, with a team of 12 sales/ procurement staff.

John Giles

John Giles is a Divisional Director of Promar International – the agri food value chain consulting subsidiary of Genus plc. He graduated from the University College of Swansea in 1981 with a BSc Econ degree.

John is also the President of the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Food, Drink and Agriculture Group and a past Chair of the UK Institute of Agricultural Management. He still serves on the National Council. He is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Reading, one of the top 10 agri food academic institutes in the world

John has now worked extensively throughout the UK and on fresh and processed fruit and vegetable marketing based assignments in some 60 other countries, including all other Continental EU markets, the US, Russia, the FSU and Eastern Europe, Brazil, China, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, Canada and the Pacific Rim.

John has also spoken at a number of leading international fruit sector conferences in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, the US, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Poland, Mexico and Ireland. He writes on a regular basis for some of the leading agri food publications in the UK and has appeared on the BBC on a number of occasions.

His personal clients include the likes of USDA, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, AUSTRADE, PROCHILE, the Irish Food Board, Bayer Crop Science, Pink Lady® apples, HORTGRO of South Africa, the South African Table Grape Association, Rabobank, the International Finance Corporation, Agro Fresh, the UK Agricultural & Horticultural Development Board and the California Raisin Administrative Committee.