FPC GSCOP Training Summer 2019




Orton Hall Hotel

In today’s tough trading environment, it is more important than ever that supermarkets trade with you fairly and you do not lose money through ignorance. Your buyers are trained annually so make sure you're up to speed for 2020.

FPC is working with the British Brands Group and organised a one day course exclusively for members at a discounted rate of £375 + VAT, the cost of this course is usually £500 + VAT

This original, highly-rated course is designed solely for suppliers and is continuously revised to keep it bang up to date. If you're a direct supplier to supermarkets, this is must-attend training.

The objectives of the course are:

  • To understand what GSCOP is, why it was set up, and its key elements
  • To know how GSCOP affects you and your role
  • To instil confidence on how to use GSCOP/the GCA, including in trade negotiations
  • To understand how trade associations can help
  • To have the knowledge to better safeguard your business from unfair dealing


Registration and welcome refreshments


Introduction and course objectives

The context – Porter’s 5 forces of competition. GSCOP overview

Don Edwards

British Brands


Networking break


GSCOP Order & Schedules

GCA role – investigations & dispute resolution


Lunch and networking


Supplier good practice & trade negotiations

The role of trade associations. Case studies/role plays

Don Edwards

British Brands


Networking break


Recent developments

Don Edwards

British Brands



Don Edwards

Don Edwards

British Brands

The course will be led by Don Edwards, a senior business development professional, formerly with Mars, with proven success in setting up and developing sales operations across Europe and in leading global business strategies.