FPC GSCOP Online Training Course




FPC is working with the British Brands Group and organised a one day course exclusively for members at a discounted rate of £120 + VAT, the cost of this course is usually £150 + VAT

This original, highly-rated course is designed solely for suppliers and is continuously revised to keep it bang up to date. If you're a direct supplier to supermarkets, this is must-attend training.

What you will learn.

  • The Groceries Supply Code of Practice (GSCOP) and why it was introduced
  • What GSCOP does and does not cover
  • Its implications for day-to-day trading relationships
  • The role of the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA)
  • The options available and how to safeguard against unfair trading practices
  • How the British Brands Group helps tip the balance back in suppliers’ favour

Who should attend?
Commercial and sales directors, key account managers, regulatory and support staff involved in trading with supermarkets.
The course is available to all direct suppliers, whether of branded, private label or fresh products, irrespective of size.

Who does the training?
The training is led by a business professional practising in sales force training, coaching and mentoring, with a background in a range of sales functions at a senior level within a leading FMCG company.

What people have said
If I’d attended this course a month ago, I’d have saved my company £50,000.’
Senior Manager, food manufacturer

‘A really worthwhile day. You’ll leave understanding more about GSCOP than your buyers do!’
Head of Sales, beauty care company

‘Essential knowledge for all account managers so that all parties play the game fairly.’
National Account Manager, food company

‘I hadn’t fully appreciated the implications of these new rules. There is the potential here for a significant shift in our dealings with supermarkets.’
Business manager, toiletries company

No pre-reading is required. At the end of the course you will receive all the key documents and guidance relating to the GSCOP and GCA to take away.

Download the latest Annual Report and Accounts from GCA.



The context – Porter’s 5 forces of competition GSCOP overview




GSCOP Order & Schedules

GCA role – investigations & dispute resolution


Lunch break


Supplier good practice & trade negotiations

The role of trade associations. Case studies/role plays


Recent developments

Q&A. Next steps.



Don Edwards

Don Edwards


British Brands

The course will be led by Don Edwards, a senior business development professional, formerly with Mars, with proven success in setting up and developing sales operations across Europe and in leading global business strategies.