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Select Committee Inquiries

The UK Government has a wide range of Select Committees and All-Party Parliamentary Groups whose role is to scrutinise UK legislation and hold the UK Government departments and agencies to account.


FPC often provides evidence to specific inquiries set up by individual Select Committees as a valuable means of lobbying central government and raising issues on behalf of our members.

A number of Committees were active in the development of the UK Government’s position regarding leaving the European Union and covered a wide range of topics relating to the UK fresh produce industry.

For example, we have given evidence on: labour constraints; future customs arrangements; trade with developing countries; science and innovation; food security and sustainable food.

On occasions FPC is invited to meet with a Select Committee to give evidence in person.

EFRA Select Committee inquiries - labour in the food supply chain and Covid-19 and food supply

We responded to the Select Committee on your behalf on both of its inquiries covering 1) labour in the food supply chain and 2) Covid-19 and food supply.

Our evidence has been published which means that we are permitted to share it with you. Our thanks to those of you who provided information to contribute to our submissions:

1) labour in the food supply chain – FPC submission.

2) Covid-19 and food supply – FPC submission.

You may be aware that EFRA decided to extend the date of submission of evidence for the inquiry into labour in the supply chain . If there is any additional evidence which you would like us to submit on your behalf let us know before the new deadline of 3 July.