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Future UK Immigration Policy

FPC lobbies for both temporary and permanent workforce


Urgent clarification needed on UK's future Immigration Policy

FPC continues to lobby the UK Government for urgent clarification on the implementation of the UK’s immigration policy coming into effect in 2021. It is vital that we have a policy which reflects the needs of our industry, for both permanent and temporary workers at all skills levels.

FPC is a member of the UK Food and Drink Supply Chain Immigration Policy Group which develops joint lobbying activities directly with the Home Office and Defra. We are also involved in the Strategic Workforce and Skills Planning Group which is developing more evidence on longterm workforce requirements.

We responded to the Migration Advisory Committee's consultation on the review of Tier 3-5 occupations listed on the Shortage Occupation List. We used the opportunity to comment more broadly on the SOL and the need for shortages in both temporary and permanent roles at Tier 1-2 to be considered.